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We have more than 25 years of senior level experience with some of the largest publishers in America. We are editors, publishers, marketers, and sales executives.

We take pride in the publishing process and want our authors to enjoy the process of seeing their thoughts and words become a published book. We have worked with dozens of best-selling authors who are “Thought Leaders” in their disciplines, yet also been privileged to assist many first time authors as they launch their publishing careers.

Scott Spiewak

Publisher and Publicity Expert

Scott is a leader in the publishing book industry. He is routinely sought after by clients to promote their projects to the consumer and media; as well as, help place their book on a bestseller list. Scott has been involved with hundreds of publishing projects and knows the in’s and out’s of making things happen at any level.  He’s been involved with numerous bestseller campaigns for the likes of Devon Franklin, Steve Pemberton, Dick DeVos, Anthony Scaramucci, John Maxwell and several others.  He has relationships with over 60 plus bookstores and retailers worldwide, whether it be a local brick and mortar store or an airport bookstore. 

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