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An Atypical Journey

V. Ronnie Laughlin

Ronnie Laughlin is a gifted athlete, who excelled in sports-basketball, volleyball, and track and field. A former Division I Basketball player she played for Peace College and North Carolina State University. Ronnie graduated from NCSU with an undergraduate degree in Speech Communication. Ronnie obtained her Master of Arts Degree from Louisiana State University. Ronnie has worked in various settings

including schools, universities, hospitals and clinics. Ronnie has been a color analyst for radio and television broadcasts. She is now a Speech Pathologist working in the Middle East helping children, adolescents and adults to communicate effectively. Despite being diagnosed with breast cancer during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic Ronnie wanted to write this book to share with others how she coped with her diagnosis. Ronnie is an avid golfer and a Leaderboard member for Women of Color Golf (WOCG) in Tampa, Florida.

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The Duke of D.C.

James Moseley

Have you been praying for a time such as this to renew the American Dream from within? Let James's new novel inspire you in all-out dramatic events filled with humor to ignite the passion God has bestowed upon you; and the need for a righteous democracy. January 6th was just the beginning...Ray, a professor, is haplessly accused of conspiracy. Ilsa, a researcher, discovers a long-forgotten deed the Founding Fathers granted Ray's ancestor, the Duke of Almaviva, for helping win the American Revolution. The deed, signed before the Constitution, makes Ray the rightful heir of the land where Washington, D.C., now stands. Asserting his rights and gaining support over half the nation and other heads of state, Ray and Ilsa duel with a pompous Federal government to reignite the American Dream. 

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On Eagle's Wings

Senator Bob Giuda

Seemingly, things in Senator Bob Giuda's life were going according to plan, or so he thought. He was serving in New Hampshire as a State Senator, living and going about life as normal- until tragedy hit home. This powerful read is the insightful path to Bob's very personal, heartfelt journey in dealing with the love of his life being in a permanent vegetative state. On Eagle's Wings is a must- read that caught fire on the Internet through Facebook, reaching readers worldwide. People from all over the world sent letters and messages to Bob after reading his posts. This encouragement is what led to the writings in these pages. Suffering was never meant to be done alone; this book will help you and encourage you on your own personal journey. 

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Women of True Grit

Edie Hand

Edie Hand is an accomplished innovator and entrepreneurial leader in America.  From her days of being an Actress on to penning books, Edie Hand is a businesswoman, speaker, media personality, filmmaker, international author, and Mom. She has authored or been a part of authoring over twenty-five books. The Edie Hand Foundation's brand “Women of True Grit” encourages women to share their stories and passion from the trials they face to their triumphs.

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Heisman's First Trophy

Sam Hatcher

Sam Hatcher has quite a background and so does his well written book.  This title has sold through very well in all retail channels which included a front table display during release week in Barnes and Noble Nashville.

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Good Morning Gorgeous

Dale Smith Thomas

Written by International Empowerment speaker Dale Smith Thomas has helped thousands of audiences around the world excel at being their personal best.  Learn how to empower yourself and others to find the light from within and let it shine.  

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Knowledge is Power

Dale S Richards

Dale is considered America’s expert on business optimization and valuation.  His practices have been used by over 150 plus companies.  The Top 10 methods can be implemented to 2x any revenue, profits and value.  Dale speaks 2 to 3 times a month across the country with small to mid-size companies with rave reviews. 

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Ezekiel's Eyes

John Pease

A riveting story of a a man named Ezekiel.  Ekekiel’s Eyes is set on the Eve of Tribulation - A spiritual journey into the supernatural.  A young man, Ezekiel, whose faith in God is unwavering and ever steady, finds himself in the middle of the age-old fight of good against evil.  Author John Pease, plans on having a trilogy of books to this affect which we anticipate all to just as moving. 

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Managing Genius

Denny Long

Denny set out to create a model for Managing Genius that captures the whole picture of what great managers do. He writes from real life experiences working with managers at all levels of the business. He boiled down their common genius to a framework with ten essential elements. This book is the one-stop resource for managing excellence.

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Free the Idea Monkey

G. Michael Maddock

A business research inspirational read from G. Michial Maddock with Raphael Louis Viton as he explores the people who come up with more and more ideas. Offering a perspective from the idea man and the person who often has managed them and reigned them in, “Free the Idea Monkey” is an important read for business management and wisdom collections.

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Be Great

Peter H. Thomas

You have unlimited potential. Be Great is your key to realizing that potential and living a happier and more fulfilled life than you have dreamed possible.

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The Authentic Salesman

Michael McIntyre

McIntyre imparts important lessons about life and success in The Authentic Salesman. His insights, knowledge, and experiences are immensely valuable to people ranging from those new to selling to experienced professionals—and to those seeking to better understand the successful entrepreneurial mindset.


Michael McIntyre is president and CEO of Benefits America. He has generated more than $3 billion in sales, recruited and trained over 20,000 sales agents, and opened offices in more than forty states.

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Take a Knee

Dr. John Tolson

In his new book, Take a Knee, Dr. John Tolson invites you into the locker room… the place where players prep… the moment where you decide if you’re in or out, how you’re going to execute the best offensive plays, and strategize your best defensive moves. In the game of life, our locker room is no different. To be the best husband, father, friend, businessman, student, athlete, or coach, we have to apply the same basic principles to find success.

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In Hine’s Sight

Hope Hines

Hope Hines in his field is like Tom Brady in his field…as good as it gets. Now readers can also enjoy those great stories from someone who has been a pro’s pro. To be able to read about his life in the sports world–and all the sports figures he’s met in that world–will be an experience you will not want to miss.


Friends at the Table

Debi Shawcross

Friends at the Table shows how to take the elements of supper clubs gone by and re-create them in an evening of fine dining at home, without the expense of a restaurant. Included are ready-made grocery lists and plan ahead tips to ease the stress of entertaining, as well as full menus with a variety of themes to help execute a gorgeous meal, making the experience as enjoyable for the hostess as it is for the guest.

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Surprised by Love

Dr. Jay and Julie Kent‑Ferraro

Through the harsh realities of infidelity and destruction… to awakening, change, and restoration.

In compelling prose, readers are drawn into an intimate encounter with the harsh realities of infidelity, of how and why it occurs and led transparently through a pathway of awakening.

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The Five-Minute Mom’s Club

Stephanie Vozza

The Five‑Minute Mom’s Club offers quick solutions to the tasks that cause moms stress, so she can use her time for the important things.

Instead of changing yourself to match the task, author Stephanie Vozza shows moms how to change the task to suit your style. Written as a series of tips, The Five-Minute Mom’s Club tackles household tasks by looking at each through “3D glasses”: Don’t, Delegate and Do. For each task, the book explores what would happen if moms don’t do it. The book suggests ways to delegate the task. And Stephanie offers several quick solutions to tasks where do is the best option.

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More than Saying I Love You

Dr. Andrea Goodman Weiner

Like most parents, we tell our children that we love them and we believe that speaking those words will translate into our children to continue loving themselves.

What would it look like to have a generation of children that practiced self-love? By being accepting and compassionate towards themselves, they can in turn be the same towards their friends, classmates, siblings, and parents. Their self-worth and high self-esteem becomes a by‑product of their self-love.

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Breaking In

Evan Farmer

Breaking In is the must-have handbook for any aspiring entertainer – in any discipline – who wants to avoid the pervasive pitfalls and myths of the industry while accelerating their opportunities to become superstars.

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