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…is designed to take advantage of changes in the publishing industry.

Simply stated, we can handle all of the details that go into the successful publishing and distribution of a quality book, and do it in less than half the time traditional publishers require.

The digitalization of content provides the technology for self-publishing but not the knowledge or expertise. Traditional publishing continues to rely on outdated acquisition, publishing and sales models that service the shrinking traditional brick and mortar store base. Authors continue to lament …


  • Will we ever find a publisher for this project?”

  • ”Why does it take so long to get the book out? We will miss the opportunity!”

  • “It seems like nobody cares about this project the way that I do”

  • “Once the editor got the manuscript I was out of the process.”

  • “My advance and my royalties are very small.”


Self-publishing is not the answer. It does not offer the level of expert guidance and talent required to create and support a quality book. Authors need experienced editors, designers, marketing and publicity, and a sales and fulfillment infrastructure to take advantage of the opportunities that exist. A warehouse full of books that cost way too much is not a formula for success...


We provide authors with the service and support they need to enjoy a successful publishing experience. We seek authors who have or intend to develop a platform with their audience that requires the creation and distribution of quality books. Our authors are more than writers…they are thought leaders. Our authors include trainers, counselors, teachers, business leaders, Christian Ministry leaders, entertainers and broadcasters. Our authors seek to engage their audiences in person and in print. Books are a tool to be used to support their message and build their brand.

Our authors are busy…and they move fast. The traditional publishing model is way too slow and does not allow them to have the hands on input they expect for something as important as the publishing of a book. Their book is their calling card. It testifies to their expertise and the message resonates long after they have left the room. Our authors know their business and their audience needs. When they recognize a need or opportunity they seize upon it. Traditional publishing will either not see the need or be too slow to react.


Traditional book publishing and marketing no longer works well. Bookstore traffic is down, returns are up, the entire system is inefficient. What’s an author to do?

Franklin Green Publishing has a better way.


Franklin Green Publishing is partnering with authors to create, manufacture, promote, and distribute market-specific books. We are a full-service publisher where the author’s team is more involved in the publishing process … and the author gets more of the reward!


Give more input

Market more effectively

Take more control

Make more money


  1. Review your book proposal, and all that is on your heart. We set expectations and get on the same page.

  2. Execute an Agreement for a limited term that keeps most rights in your name.

  3. Edit, proof, design, and manufacture your book – to your specifications.

  4. Create the digital e-book in multiple formats and take care of distribution and downloading.

  5. Advise and recommend from our many years of experience – but you decide – on the suitable marketing and brand support for the book.

  6. Provide EDI data, sales, warehousing, credit and collections support for your book to all markets.

  7. Report sales and returns from retail each quarter and pay you 65% of the net amount we receive.

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