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Used Book Shop


E-Books & Online Sales

  • Development of eBook editions for all popular readers (Kindle, Nook, iPad, pdf)

  • Commercial distribution of eBooks for sale on Amazon and other commercial sites

  • Credit and Collections for web sales of eBook editions

Production & Distribution

  • Traditional Printing Coordination

  • Print on Demand Coordination

  • Negotiation for lowest price on printing

  • eBook formatting and uploading


  • Comprehensive Marketing, PR, and Social

  • Media Strategies

  • Trade Account Co-op and Merchandising

  • Web Based strategies and enhancement

  • Brand Development

  • Full Publicity Campaigns available 

  • Bestseller Campaigns to New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today


  • Warehouse and Shipping

  • Order Processing

  • Order Tracking

  • Inventory management


  • National Book Trade Account representation

  • National Mass Merchandiser Account representation

  • National Gift Account representation

  • National Independent Bookstore representation

  • Online retailer account representation

  • Book Wholesaler representation

  • Listing on the most popular book databases

  • Sub rights and Foreign language edition

  • Credit and Collections

  • Development and distribution of product and marketing information for buyer use

  • Ongoing sales representation by FGP Publishing’s sales representatives

  • Pre-release presentations and setup in the internal systems of major bookstore chains, including Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, IndieBound

  • Enrollment in wholesale outlets, including Ingram, Baker & Taylor,

  • Enrollment and image posting on major online retail sites, including Amazon. Com,

  • Inventory management and warehousing

  • Distribution and fulfillment to bookselling wholesale and retail outlets

  • Distribution support for author event sales

  • Credit and Collections

  • Accounts payable/receivable/Royalty distribution

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